21 Sep

Paving the Way towards the Digital Twin

Create more with less – this promise perfectly summarizes EVOCEAN’s objectives when it comes to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). MBSE as such is a well-established and valued way for organizations to enhance their engineering capabilities and efficiency. However, our ambitions are aimed at something even higher.

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7 Sep

Looking for an effective approach to master Systems Engineering?

Is your strategy appropriate to stay ahead in business and bring products and innovation faster to market? Can you manage the increasing product complexity and ensure that the systems meet all functional and nonfunctional requirements? Are you coping with questions about product line or reuse-oriented development? Do you select the right tools and processes, given the rapidly changing technologies? Are you aware of the necessity to design systems as a whole, and to integrate electrical, mechanical and software components as well as human aspects?

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31 May

EVOCEAN starts new partnership with Newired

EVOCEAN wants to make engineering as pleasant and useful as possible. Every day we strive to improve the development of our customers – and thus to achieve more with less and to enable new and innovative solutions through changed views.

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20 Oct

Increasing speed in product development – is your Intellectual Property at risk?

Is your Intellectual Property (IP) important? If yes, then these thoughts may be of interest. Reducing release cycles is on the agenda of most product development companies. There are many reasons why this is becoming ever more a way to keep ahead – even more so as competition is changing

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14 Sep

Visualize – Collaborate – Automate

I would like to give some background to our headline „Visualize, Collaborate, Automate“ we introduced following our slogan „challenging complexity – increasing agility“, which of course is still true.

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20 Aug

Continuous Improvement: Product development as change project

We are sharing this material from our continuous improvement site on this blog.This is a short overview of the steps we apply to start continuous improvement in a software or product development team.

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23 May

Continuous improvement in development projects: games for behavioural change

The majority of projects possess the technological competence, resources, and intellectual capacity to succeed, yet many of these projects fail or encounter significant difficulties.

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