Goanna - Static Analysis

Automated, integrated, cutting edge technlogy 

goanna smlGoanna is a leading edge static analysis tool which performs automated whole program anaylsis for detecting hard to find C/C++ bugs including access violations, array and string overruns, memory leaks, security flaws and arithmetric errors. No compilation, simulation or execution is required.

Goanna integrates seemlessly with many IDE's and build systems out of the box, enabling to detect bugs early in the development cycle effectively, well before they get released and become costly to fix.

Goanna is based on cutting edge technology on the latest automated verifications research coming out of NICTA (National ICT Australia) labs.

Goanna is easy to install and to set-up integrating into your existing workshop. For streamlined and effective use a one day workshop is highly recommended. 

Following is a list of features

  • Model Checking – Model checking is a Turing Award winning technology providing complete coverage of all execution paths in even the most complex functions.

  • Interprocedural Analysis - Goanna's patent pending technology to analyze whole-program data flow and dependencies, spanning many functions and files to any depth.

  • Abstract Data Tracking - How Goanna detects buffer overruns, access violations, memory leaks, security vulnerabilities, overflows, arithmetic errors, and much more. Most of these errors cannot be found though testing or manual inspection.

  • Industry Standards – Goanna verifies compliance with industry coding standards including CERT C/C++, CWE, DO-178B, ISO 26262, MISRA C:2004, and MISRA C++:2008.

  • Customizable - Checks are easily custumizable to meet your company's standards and needs. You can add your checks or surpress checks of no interest - thus streamlining your development even further.
  • Integration -  Goanna integrates seamlessly with various IDE's from Atmel, Atollic, Eclipse, FreeScale, IAR, Infineon, Keil, Mentor, Microsoft, QNX, TI, Wind River, and more and integrated into your build and continous integration platforms such Make, CMake, SCons, Jenkins, ...

  • Unique Trace Simulator - Goanna can "replay" traces of complex bugs directly in your IDE allowing you to pinpoint the root cause of defects faster.

  • Live Incremental Analysis - Goanna only reanalyses the partts of your program that have changed since the last run, allowing rapid test/debug cycles that take only seconds and not hours.

  • Reporting & Metrics - integrated tools are available for color coded visualisation of defect history and problem areas. Further benefit can be reached with fully integrated SonarTM based dashboards.

Goanna is a available in different editions depending on your workflow. Licencing and very competetive cost depends on usage - server or user based.

Goanna Studio plugs into many IDE's out of the Box. There is no need for developers to switch between tools. This saves time, improves clarity and enhances productivity, thus enabling better developer experience.

Goanna Central is a standalone product designed for servers and command line environments. Goanna Central can be configured as a front end for almost any compiler, augmenting its output with the results of its deep static source code analysis. Goanna Central is also the product of choice for integration with IDE’s that run external compiler and command line tools, from vendors such as IAR and Keil.

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