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logo perforce www 50 trPerforce Helix is a leading "Best in Breed" Version Management System that versions and manages any kind of digital assets for enterprises large and small. Its unique architecture guarantees a very high performance, independent of the type and size of the files, as well as of the project size, and is therefore able to support thousands of users as well as terabytes of data. But at the same time also it is easy to use for small teams or start-ups. The system seamlessly supports the most agile environments and distributed development team. Perforce Helix supports developers across a large number of platforms and ensures development integrity by grouping multi-file updates into atomic changes, enabling concurrent development, and managing effectively multiple software releases using its Inter-File BranchingTM system. The installation and administration are easy and the software is simple to learn and very user friendly.

  • Fast – key for agility and continuous development

  • Easy to use & powerful graphical tool with cross-platform user interfaces: Windows - Mac - Linux - Unix

  • Scalable to grow from just a couple of users to many thousands

  • Very low admin overhead – easy installation

  • Collaboration -  streamlined collaboration and continuous integraton / delivery over geographically distributed teams

  • Robust – growing customer base and high renewal rate

  • Many Server Platforms supported

  • Simple and transparent licence cost structure - one price - you get access for everything

Perforce Helix, with its rich feature set that has been proven in enterprises of all sizes, can meet the most complex enterprise needs while at the same time delivers a very low total cost of ownership.

Perforce Helix - Platform

Built on the highly scalable P4D (Perforce) versioning engine, Helix serves as a single source of truth for all the contributors and types of assets involved in designing, creating and releasing a product. It automatically syncs with our GitSwarm ecosystem, bringing greater security and scalability to projects versioned in Git. It is available as both on-premise software and a hosted solution. The Helix platform comprises the following components:

Helix Versioning Engine: Best-in-class SCM for every type and size file. Now featuring native distributed version control system (DVCS) capabilities and bi-directional support for Git.

Helix GitSwarm: Complete ecosystem for Git-based development, with self-service repo management, pull-request workflow, and built-in issue tracking.

Helix Swarm: A comprehensive Gerrit-style review application for collaborating on code, artwork and other assets.

Helix Threat Detection: Advanced behavioral analytics for uncovering threats against the IP stored in Helix.

Helix Insights: Real-time reporting for code line metrics, quality, user analytics and more.

Perforce Customer Quotations

  • Metrolab Technology SA

    „Our expectations have come true to 100%. We save a lot of time and expenses thanks to Perforce."

    Philip Keller
    Marketing & Product Manager

    Metrolab logo

    Read project note »
  • Metrolab Technology SA

    „Perforce is a transparent tool which supports the problem-free cooperation of several developers – if necessary also in distributed teams. Today we feel confident in what we do!"

    Philip Keller
    Marketing & Product Manager

    Metrolab logo

    Read project note »
  • Concurrent Engineering AG

    „We use Perforce since November 2000. Due to the scalabilty of Perforce, Perforce grew easily with are growing needs for an efficient Version Management tool. We can  recommend Perforce unconditionally.“

    Theo Hasler

    Co-Founder and Managing Director

    Logo Concurrent Engineering

  • u-blox AG

    "We first looked to Perforce because we needed a solid version control system, but now we’re hooked on how easily our developers can collaborate with team members across the globe to review each other’s code. As most innovative companies, we have the vision of Continuous Delivery where collaboration is key to success.”

    Andreas Thiel
    Executive Vice-President, Wireless-Produkt Development and Co-Founder.

    u-blox Logo
  • MCS Engineering AG

    „We save a lot of time in our Data-Management thanx to Perforce"

    Eric Gutmann
    Projec Leader  & Head of IT  in Grüsch

    Read more about Perforce at MCS »
  • MCS Engineering AG

    „In particula the possibilty to have different workspaces per user, the '3-way merge' and the 'time-lapse view' are of great help to us"

    Eric Gutmann
    Project Leader & Head of IT in Grüsch

    Read more about Perforce at MCS »
  • RUAG Schweiz AG

    „My administrative effort for 40 Perforce users is just nearly zero. Perforce is very stable and easy to use. Users usually train themselves and are productive very fast." 

    Bernhard Hari
    Project Lead, RUAG Schweiz AG

    Ruag Logo 2
  • Bosch Packaging Systems AG

    „Perforce is boring  - it just works"

    Michael Leuzinger
    IT responsible for Perforce  - Bosch Packaging Sytems AG
    Bosch Logo 2

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