Rhapsody Profile Generator

Rhapsody Profile Generator

Creating manually a Rhapsody profile in IBM Rhapsody and adding new stereotypes and tags can be a challenge. Further it is also very time consuming, not very interesting and very prone to mistakes. Additionally, when maintaining profiles in a larger context it becomes even more difficult to manage them effectively. Also adding other elements like a matrix layout can result in a large amount of tedious work. The Rhapsody Profile Generator is our answer and a proofed solution in helping you to focus on value added work in Product and Systems Development, helping you to build up a systematic approach.

This product developed by EVOCEAN is an add-on for IBM Rhapsody to help in generating Rhapsody profiles. It is based on a Meta Model. As an interesting side effect, building the meta model helps to increase quality of generated rhapsody profile like defining which concepts could contain which others and which new type of dependency could target which concepts.

Who should generate profile?

Profile generation using Meta Model helps modelling experts in charge in organising the model. It is not designed to be used by regular modellers as understanding of meta model concept can be quite complex and requires both a good knowledge of the modelled domain and a high capability of abstraction.

Profile generation concepts


A profile allows to extend UML (i.e. SysML) by defining stereotypes and tags. Profile could also contain other elements like matrix layout.


Stereotype is one of UML extension concept; it aims to define new type of concept inheriting of UML concept.


Tag is another UML extension concept; it aims to define new attributes for either existing UML concepts or stereotypes created concepts.

Meta model

The meta model is a model that represents existing concepts of a dedicated domain. It is the model of the model. A model instantiates a meta model. As a model, a meta model is composed of meta model elements. The base paradigm is UML, a meta model is a specialization of UML. All UML features could be used for meta model as it is an UML model.

Meta model element

A meta model element represents a concept of a domain. A model element is an instance of a meta model element. As the base paradigm is UML, a meta model element should inherits from an UML concept.

You want to get to know this EVOCEAN product you can either join one of our open classes or get in touch for an in-house workshop which includes Kickstart Training to be effective applying the product (2 days recommended).

Customers about our services

Bernina International AG

„100% of model would be great; today a part is still code. Also the implementation of the method in the model, perhaps with the help of a Meta model, would be cool!"

Giovanni Annunzio

Senior Systems Architect