Configuration Management across the Engineering Lifecycle Management

There are many benefits to adopting configuration management, or more specifically global configuration. It is a given now for managing source code. Above all, companies are facing increasing complexity and variation in their product lines based on geography, specific customer demands, and other factors. Further, many need to empower parallel development. For example, to evolve requirements for their next release before work has completed on the current release. Many have tried to manage this challenge with manual processes, which are error-prone and time-consuming.


New tool capabilities driven by OSLC put the heavy lifting on the applications to manage which versions of artifacts belong together and make up the correct product variant or version. This removes the manual work and burden. In addition this reduces cost and errors, as well as improves speed of delivery. Reuse also increases speed, reduces effort and cost, and can increase quality as well. When you have an established baseline of artifacts, you can reliably recreate that product release to modify or evolve it. Further, this allows to have confidence in the state of the artifacts and your starting point for quality.


Opportunities of adopting configuration management:

Extend the value of versioning and configuration across the lifecycle and disciplines

  • Reuse artifacts across versions and variants without copying
  • Easily manage all lifecycle artifacts associated with a given product or release

Increase reuse, speed of delivery, and reliability in recreating releases

  • Create baselines to represent and recreate offerings at specific milestones
  • Easily branch new streams for development with confidence in the artifact content

Improve quality and reduce cost

  • Reuse tested artifacts with known quality
  • Enforce better change management and control


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