20 May

Garfield – WE LOVE Monday

Today I would like to share our insights why we love Monday, a collaboration tool for better work-, team-, project management. Collaboration is key to success – even more in today’s ever connected world and we want to delight our customers.

However, collaboration can be a challenge and there exist many tools. I have used many different ones in the past, depending on the context from E-Mail, Whats-up, Skype, Trello, Asana, Wunderlist, ToDo, Bitrix24, Salesforce to name a few.  They all have their advantages in selected use cases, but we always found again and again limitations especially for using them in a broader and more holistic sense. As a result, we needed thus to use various in parallel until we stumbled on Monday – which has considerably eased our live and many others seeing their success in the market.

I believe the major advantage of Monday is that it very simple and flexible in it’s heart and keeps that focus. We could adapt Monday to our various needs and with whomever I use it, I always get a positive feedback, even with no training, or a very short introduction – and that is rare.

My challenge in leading a company with a very lean admin and a very distributed team is keeping a simple overview of all the various projects I am involved in.  Having many hats, each of them having different needs and at the same time making sure all other’s are happy and not getting lost in tools. With Monday keeping an overview is just fantastic – it is very visual and we love that. And it is getting better and better – kudos to the Monday team.

The tool is built on a very simple DNA. Basically there are “Boards” which include “Groups” and groups include “Pulses” – pulses can be tasks, activities, but can also be bugs, issues, customers, products … whatever you want to associate to it, depending on the objective of what you need. Pulses have attributes (columns) and each pulse also has a collaboration thread (Chat). You can further associate additional information to pulses such as Files and Q&A.

Adding attributes (various predefined are available) or changing them is easy and straight forward. As such introducing the tool by learning and doing is easy – you can also however start with pre-build boards and adapt from there.

There are three type of boards. Public (these are transparent to your team or company), https://evocean.com/Private (limited to selected team members) and shareable (  i.e. to share with people outside of your company.

There are many more useful aspecst of Monday, such as Dashboards, Automations, Integrations and more which we will go into in our next “Garfield – WE  LOVE Monday” blog series.

You may ask is Monday the “swiss army knife” for collaboration. Maybe for small companies it is, but that is not the real objective, but we do believe it can become the main collaboration hub – ie. the main tool for collaboration in parallel to specific tools for ERP etc. we at EVOCEAN also use Salesforce.


Where do we see the main value?

It is very easy to get started – very visual and simple – and Monday adapts to you – not only on Mondays’s :-).

At EVOCEAN we like opening markets for cool tools, which we believe leverage a better user and customer experience. In a world becoming ever more connected, with various team working on various topics, having a tool which fosters and eases collaboration is a real asset. With Monday we found a tool which perfectly fits our DNA.  For collaboration on any level at a company – of any size – small or large.  For product development, product management, project management, marketing, admin, where ever you need to collaborate and coordinate and whatever you need to get done as a person, a team or a company.

We love Monday! And you?

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1 Mar

Embedded World 2019 – a short retrospective

After missing out last year’s Embedded World exhibition, we decided to take part again this year. During the three days in the large Hall 4 in Nürnberg, we did not see much of the glorious weather, but we did have fun.

Embedded World 2019As every time we join the exhibition, Frank also prepared this year some eye-catchers: the steamroller was clearly the winner this year and brought along many smiles from young and old, men and woman, especially when it was puffing along the gangway. Some could not believe that it did not have an electric motor…

Steam EngineWe talked about various aspects of Embedded Systems Development, Systems Engineering, Modelling with SysML and UML, Executable Modelling, Code Generation from the Model, also about Requirements Engineering & Management and Requirements Interchange with ReqIF, Traceability, Linking with OSLC, Configuration Management, Distributed Version Management, and also about Architecture, IoT and User eXperience.

We clearly noticed the confirmed trend of ever more effective collaboration needed across boundaries, which is becoming more and more important, reflecting the trend of ever more complex systems developed across various teams, time to market demands and working more agile hand in hand with suppliers and OEMs.

This year we decided to keep our stand rather sober with not too much text. We invested into a new “Led” display-wall for which we received much praise. One visitor saying – I have been to Embedded World for many years – and this is by far the most fresh and innovative Stand I have seen.” Yes! Our “Quest for Continuous Improvement” map keeps a lot of heads turning and smiling – so our posters and grip-cleaners were well received. We hope that our symbol for Conferences and Exhibitions on our map – the monastery of the wise spirits – reflected the inspirations our visitors got. And they may also remember it. Another visitor came buy and said: “I must take along one of your posters – it is hanging at one of my customers and makes me smile every time I see it”.

EVOCEAN - Quest for continuous imrovement

The exhibition, even if large, is a great occasion to discuss and feel the current trends and makes it easy to meet one’s partners.

Thank you to all who came by, who shared their challenges, who discussed their needs, who were open to new inspirations – who inspired us. You keep us moving and challenged!

We are looking forward to the follow-on talks.

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21 Sep

Paving the Way towards the Digital Twin

Create more with less – this promise perfectly summarizes EVOCEAN’s objectives when it comes to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). MBSE as such is a well-established and valued way for organizations to enhance their engineering capabilities and efficiency. However, our ambitions are aimed at something even higher.

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7 Sep

Looking for an effective approach to master Systems Engineering?

Is your strategy appropriate to stay ahead in business and bring products and innovation faster to market? Can you manage the increasing product complexity and ensure that the systems meet all functional and nonfunctional requirements? Are you coping with questions about product line or reuse-oriented development? Do you select the right tools and processes, given the rapidly changing technologies? Are you aware of the necessity to design systems as a whole, and to integrate electrical, mechanical and software components as well as human aspects?

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31 May

EVOCEAN starts new partnership with Newired

EVOCEAN wants to make engineering as pleasant and useful as possible. Every day we strive to improve the development of our customers – and thus to achieve more with less and to enable new and innovative solutions through changed views.

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20 Oct

Increasing speed in product development – is your Intellectual Property at risk?

Is your Intellectual Property (IP) important? If yes, then these thoughts may be of interest. Reducing release cycles is on the agenda of most product development companies. There are many reasons why this is becoming ever more a way to keep ahead – even more so as competition is changing

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14 Sep

Visualize – Collaborate – Automate

I would like to give some background to our headline „Visualize, Collaborate, Automate“ we introduced following our slogan „challenging complexity – increasing agility“, which of course is still true.

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20 Aug

Continuous Improvement: Product development as change project

We are sharing this material from our continuous improvement site on this blog.This is a short overview of the steps we apply to start continuous improvement in a software or product development team.

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23 May

Continuous improvement in development projects: games for behavioural change

The majority of projects possess the technological competence, resources, and intellectual capacity to succeed, yet many of these projects fail or encounter significant difficulties.

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