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Newired – Self Service On-Line Demo

A unique non intrusive integrated on-line-contextual help for any web-based applications and websites.

The award winning Digital Adoption Platform Newired helps to empower the user and to improve user experience of any web-based applications.  Newired adds a non-intrusive layer for easy accessible online-contextual help. This empowers the user adoption and experience.

Newired helps as such in the digital adoption of users, leverages knowledge basis by adding contextual guidance and helps as  a result in improved user engagement and better user experience leading to improved Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Newired helps in guiding the user simply step by step for tasks he needs to accomplish. You can also add easily tips (additional information, suggestions, help etc.)  to an existing application as an icon, or just by hovering. Further in order to optimise feedback and actionable results you can place dynamically surveys depending on the context.

With ever more web-based application being installed and used – driven also by the digital transformation – staying up to date with changing applications and internal processes is becoming ever more a challenge for every user and manager. The fast effective deployment of new applications, the easy adoption of new processes or the accelerated on-boarding of new users  is key for success and agility.

With Newired User Adoption becomes very much easier. As a result, you accelerate the tool adoption, cut training needs, time and costs. Further, Newired helps to relieve support and enables fast return of investment as well as increased user satisfaction.  This further helps to be more successful. Additionally, Newired makes your organisation focus on high value tasks and enables user to help themselves to adopt to new processes and effective tool usage.

Newired – Your users use cases

By defining journeys which represent use cases of your users, the user can master complex software faster and easier. This can be an introduction to the tool but also a complex use case of using the tool. Further, defining your journeys across applications making sure your users take the right steps and get the context and guidance they need. As a result, users do not get lost in complex user interfaces.

On-Site Installation

Newired Journeys is easy on your IT infrastructure. It requires no coding to define user stories. Further there is no need for complex integrations or configurations. Newired Journeys backend for Windows or Linux is easy to install.

Continuous Improvement through detailed reporting

Inbuilt reporting provides detailed data and summaries to help to improve user experience. The reporting provides different levels of insight about the general usage of the Journey.  For example reports will show when the user aborted or faced issues allowing fine tuning and improvements. We like this feature as this helps to gain insight of the usage. Further, also where users are having issues or stopping to use your application.

Here you can download an Analyst report.

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Customers about our services

Newired – Analyst Quote

"There are two obvious reasons for the adoption of a solution such as Newired. The first is where a development team is struggling keep up with the demand for new web-based applications and needs to work closely and quickly in collaboration with the user community to develop, refine, and publish apps that are self-sufficient without the need for specialised training. The other is where existing well established applications are not intuitive to use or have issues of compliance that means they must be approached in a certain way or are complicated and users need guidance through the processes."

Michael Azoff

Distinguished Analyst

Newired Customer – Synertrade

“We’re very satisfied with Newired and all the on-boarding and digital adoption problems it helped us address. In-app guidance is the most efficient way to deliver all the help and assistance that users need when using our e-procurement platform. We’re also very glad about the OEM partnership, which allows us to add value to our solution with flexible pricing and subscription models.”

Angela Romeo

Sales Account at Synertrade