IBM Rhapsody – Engineering Systems Design

Graphical Model Driven Software Development and Systems Engineering

IBM Rhapsody provides a collaborative design and development environment for systems engineers and software developers.

Overview of IBM Rhapsody

The Rhapsody family of products offers a proven solution for modeling and design activities that allows you to manage the complexity many organisations face with product and systems development. This provides a collaborative design, development and test environment for systems engineers and software engineers developing real time and embedded systems. In addition, IBM Rhapsody supports UML, SysML and AUTOSAR. Further,  the solution also allows for control of defence frameworks (DoDAF, MODAF and UPDM) and complies with standards such as DO-178, ISO 26262.


With Rhapsody you can deliver more consistent applications using Systems Modeling Language (SysML) and Unified Modeling Language (UML). Further these will be also more easily maintainable. In addition, with design principles model driven development can achieve very high reuse. Reuse is one of the highest contributor in cost reduction and allowing additional resources for innovation.

Executable Modelling enables fast feedback and supports agile approaches, which are becoming ever more important in an intelligent, connected and complex world to help to drive innovative products to market.

Further IBM Rhapsody supports function-oriented and object-oriented design methods. IBM Rhapsody® enables system developers to specify requirements, describe the structure and test the response of the system early on through executable modelling. In addition to the UML and SysML standard, the tool supports domain-specific profiling options. Thus, IBM Rhapsody gives system and software developers a common and complete platform to create, simulate, and test their application graphically.

Complete Code for C, C++, Ada, or Java is generated automatically. As a result, dynamic model-code associativity makes it possible to work in parallel in the model and in the code. This results in a very effective development, as well as maintenance.

Key Features

  • Analyze and elaborate project requirements
  • Rapidly move from design to implementation
  • Automate design reviews and generate documentation
  • Prototype, simulate and execute designs for early validation
  • Work in an embedded, real-time agile engineering environment

Product Family

Hence, the IBM Rhapsody family of products includes a variety of editions. These focus on different needs of systems engineers, software architects and embedded software developers.

Getting Started

Check out our IBM Rhapsody Competence Center where you will find more information about IBM Rhapsody and our services.



Customers about our services

Mettler Toledo AG

„Now the advantages of our solid foundation work will have a large impact. A model is easy to adapt and maintain and new functions can be integrated very fast. In combination with the automatic code generation and testing we now will be strikingly faster… with a consistent high quality. Today we save time and money – not least thanks to IBM Rational Rhapsody!"

Wolfgang Boos

Head of Software

Phonak Communication AG

„Model Driven Development with Rational Rhapsody® was a critical success factor for developing inspiro within the required schedule and market needs. Thanks to EVOCEAN's support, we were able to implement the tool quickly and apply the methodology effectively."

Rainer Platz

Head of R&D

Hamilton Medical AG – Rhapsody

„The direct coupling of design and code with Rhapsody helps us managing the complexity of our products more easily, as design and code remain consistent in the long term.“

Andreas Anderegg

Senior Software Engineer

Kern AG

„Even if the change to Rhapsody required at first additional investment and effort – we have never regretted our decision. The fully automatic code generation from the model makes our life easier!“

Andreas Dubach

Head of Development Systems

Mettler Toledo AG

„Development in the embedded area should be platform independent and the used tools should support this!“

Wolfgang Boos

Head Software Development

Schindler Elevator Ltd.

„Seamless integration of the development environment is one of our critical success criteria. Model Driven Development with Rational Rhapsody®allows us to generate the code for the target platform direct from the UML model. Integrating the debugger saves us enormous amounts of time in developing complex, embedded real-time applications. Thanks to EVOCEAN's support, today we can use this tool efficiently."

Juan Carlos Abad

Project Manager

Schmidhauser AG

"A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks to Rational Rhapsody® models, we can discuss new functionalities much better with our customers – even without knowledge of the code."

Peter Bode

Project Manager Mobile Drives

Mettler Toledo AG

„I would recommend Rhapsody anytime – by using Rhapsody I can reach a new level of programming and efficiency.“

Wolfgang Boos

Head Software Development

Schleuniger AG

„Thanks to the fully automatic code generation with Rhapsody® we could accelerate the software development.“

Thomas Nyffenegger

Team Lead Software

soplar s.a.

„We would repeat our decision to choose Rhapsody® at any time. The strikingly improved efficiency, higher quality, and flexibility plus reusability of models make any adverse details negligible. Today we develop more machines with fewer resources in less time."

Reinhold Wüstner

Head of Product Development

Bernina International AG

„100% of model would be great; today a part is still code. Also the implementation of the method in the model, perhaps with the help of a Meta model, would be cool!"

Giovanni Annunzio

Senior Systems Architect

Bernina International AG

„For Bernina, abstraction, simulation, reuse and automatic code generation are central for a short time-to-market … and therefore the key of our success!"

Giovanni Annunzio

System Architect

Bernina International AG

„Thanks to the models we can visualise new functions and dependencies. A picture says more than a 1'000 words and the graphically modelled abstraction makes life much easier for us developers. At the same time, the automatic code generation based on the models takes over a substantial part of our work!“

Giovanni Annunzio

System Architect

Bernina International AG

„In earlier days, we launched one new product model every year – today several thanx to re-use, which also reduces the time needed for testing significantly."

Giovanni Annunzio

System Architect