SysML with IBM Rhapsody Bootcamp

15 Jul - 16 Jul 2024

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Conquer complexity in 2 days

Experience the future of systems engineering as promoted by INCOSE.  Dive into the world of the Systems Modelling Language (SysML) with IBM Rhapsody in just two days!

In this systems engineering training, you will learn the techniques required to use SysML. You will apply these techniques using IBM Rhapsody according to the ISO15288 processes. Additionally, we will follow the INCOSE Systems Engineering handbook to solve complex system engineering problems.

The modeling process is explored by creating a “real” systems model. The essential SysML diagrams are explored through typical model-based systems engineering activities, such as requirements analysis, system functional analysis, and system design, and are applied in the exercises.

In this training, you will learn hands-on how to create a system specification model with and in Rhapsody and how to secure it via executable models, including requirements coverage and requirements tracking.

Objectives of this SysML with IBM Rhapsody Training

  • Understand and Apply SysML Fundamentals:
    Equip participants with a solid understanding of Systems Modelling Language (SysML) and its key concepts, enabling them to model complex systems effectively.
  • Master IBM Rhapsody:
    Provide hands-on experience with IBM Rhapsody, teaching participants how to navigate and utilize its features to create and secure executable models, ensuring requirements coverage and traceability.
  • Implement ISO15288 Processes:
    Teach participants to apply SysML using IBM Rhapsody in accordance with ISO15288 processes, enhancing their ability to manage and solve complex systems engineering challenges efficiently within a short timeframe.


Topics covered

  1. Introduction into SysML and Systems Engineering Development Processes and Methods (INCOSE, ISO 15288, SysMOD, Harmony)
  2. Introduction to Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), SysML with Rhapsody
    • Rhapsody Editions
    • Rhapsody Project and File Structure in the context of Configuration Management
  3. Requirements Analysis:
    • Import Requirement from any Source such as CodeBeamer, Doors, Doors Next, ReqIF, Word
    • Requirements Diagram
    • Requirements, traceability, coverage analysis and impact analysis
    • Matrix and Tables
  4. Modeling Use Cases
    • Use Case Analysis
  5. Functional Analysis:
    • Modeling Activities (Activity Diagram)
    • Modeling State Machines
  6. Design Synthesis:
    • Modeling Basic Structure (Block Defintion Diagram)
    • Decomposition, Allocation
    • Sequence Diagrams
    • Internal Block Diagram, Proxy Port and Interface Block
    • Rhapsody Proxy Port Wizard

Target audience

  • Systems architects and engineers.
  • Requirements engineers.
  • Interested persons in MBSE or Rhapsody for Systems Engineering.
  • Engineers joining team using Rhapsody.
  • Technical Leaders evaluating new ways of developing software.


  • Systems Engineering experience or interest.
  • Basic know-how of SysML is an advantage but not mandatory.

This systems engineerig training will make your employees proficient in mastering complex systems engineering tasks applying SysML with IBM Rhapsody.

Customers about our services

Schindler Elevator Ltd.

„Seamless integration of the development environment is one of our critical success criteria. Model Driven Development with Rational Rhapsody®allows us to generate the code for the target platform direct from the UML model. Integrating the debugger saves us enormous amounts of time in developing complex, embedded real-time applications. Thanks to EVOCEAN's support, today we can use this tool efficiently."

Juan Carlos Abad

Project Manager

Bernina International AG

„In earlier days, we launched one new product model every year – today several thanx to re-use, which also reduces the time needed for testing significantly."

Giovanni Annunzio

System Architect

Rhapsody Training Feedback

Ich war mit allem zufrieden. Das war das beste Training, das ich je besucht habe.

Grösserer Automobil Zulieferer

Software Engineer

Rhapsody Training Feedback

I was satisfied with everything. This was the best training I ever attended.

Large Automotive Supplier


Bernina International AG

„Die Architektur muss von Anfang an richtig aufgesetzt werden und den Voraussetzungen einer modellgetriebenen Entwicklung entsprechen. Ich empfehle jedem Unternehmen, sich Unterstützung von einem externen, erfahrenen Rhapsody Spezialisten wie beispielsweise EVOCEAN zu holen, um die Basisarchitektur gemeinsam zu modellieren.“

Giovanni Annunzio

System Architect

Schleuniger AG

„Thanks to the fully automatic code generation with Rhapsody® we could accelerate the software development.“

Thomas Nyffenegger

Team Lead Software

Mettler Toledo AG

„Now the advantages of our solid foundation work will have a large impact. A model is easy to adapt and maintain and new functions can be integrated very fast. In combination with the automatic code generation and testing we now will be strikingly faster… with a consistent high quality. Today we save time and money – not least thanks to IBM Rational Rhapsody!"

Wolfgang Boos

Head of Software


"Ein grosses Lob an den sehr motivierten Trainer. Der Trainingsinhalt wird sehr kurzweilig und auch unterhaltsam vermittelt. Methodisch sehr gut war auch die jeweiligen Trainingstage am Ende nochmals Revue passieren zu lassen. Frank Braun konnte auch jede Frage beantworten und hat auch versucht, sofern der zeitliche Rahmes es erlaubte, auf angesprochenen Themen einzugehen."


Systems Engineer

MCS Engineering AG

"It is very easy to set up and run a Perforce Helix Core proxy server for working with geographically dispersed teams. Downloading data is also very easy. We were amazed at how much time we saved."

Eric Gutmann

Project Leader

ReqEdit – Supply Chain Solution

"Vow - this is awesome"


Procurement Engineer at an Industrial Mobility Company.

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