IBM Rhapsody Competence Center

EVOCEAN is the partner of IBM Watson IoT – Engineering Lifecycle Management Solutions and as such your contact for all issues concerning visual modeling environments with IBM Rhapsody. As an official IBM Rhapsody competence center, we have access to comprehensive technical knowledge, many years of experience, and an extensive assortment of services in the area of IBM Rhapsody, Model Driven Engineering and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). As a result, we help you in challenging the complexity and increasing your agility.

Our services for IBM Rhapsody

Overall, we have access not only to all tools, but have a very experienced Team. Additionally, we collaborate with  a dedicated network of IBM internal know-how ressources  and a dedicated external knowledge pool of IBM Rhapsody. Our team of consultants has a deep and wide experience through worldwide engagements and exchange of know-how. Further, we network with IBM Rhapsody® customers, consultants and other partners. In addition, we can help you to complete your projects faster and more cost efficiently – with higher quality and sustainable reuse. Further, supporting you and working closely together with you, we  help you to  use the selected tools efficiently to achieve their goals:

  • Training, coaching and reviews; architecture, methodology, and tools
  • Tool integration in real-time operating system and target hardware
  • Re-engineering projects
  • Participation in project work, including IBM Rhapsody® know-how transfer.
  • Structuring your Development Data for better reuse and development flow.
  • Tool Automation, Profile Generation to further enhance productivity and quality.

Advantages for our customers

  • In-depth knowledge of the entire IBM Rhapsody® product portfolio
  • The latest know-how is always available as the basis for effective long-term use of IBM Rhapsody®
  • Extensive experience in projects over many year More about Model Driven Development

8 Jun - 15 Jun

IBM Rhapsody in C Essential Tool Training

On-Line Tool Training

On-Line ( 8:30 am - 12:30 pm / CET)

Learn more

30 Sep - 2 Oct

IBM Rhapsody in C++ on Raspberry Pi Training

Tool Training

Munich, Germany

Learn more

22 Nov - 3 Dec

IBM Rhapsody in C++ Essential Tool Training

On-Line Tool Training

On-Line ( 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm)

Learn more

24 Feb - 27 Feb

IBM Rhapsody in Java Essential Tool Training

Tool Training

München, Germany

Learn more

20 Apr - 22 Apr

Willert Embedded UML Studio – Rhapsody

On-Line Tool Training

On-Line ( 9 am - 5 pm)

Learn more

22 Oct - 23 Oct

IBM Rhapsody OXF Framework

Tool Training

Bückeburg, Germany

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23 Apr - 24 Apr

Modelling Automation with IBM Rhapsody – Starter

Expert Workshop

Zürich, Switzerland

Learn more

22 Feb

Meta Modelling with IBM Rhapsody

Expert Workshop

Munich, Germany

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Customers about our services

Hamilton Medical AG

„Employing our platform strategy and Model Driven Development with IBM Rhapsody® enables us to bring our innovations rapidly to numerous ventilation solutions.“

Gion Durisch

Head of Software Development

Phonak Communication AG

„Model Driven Development with Rational Rhapsody® was a critical success factor for developing inspiro within the required schedule and market needs. Thanks to EVOCEAN's support, we were able to implement the tool quickly and apply the methodology effectively."

Rainer Platz

Head of R&D

Kern AG

„Even if the change to Rhapsody required at first additional investment and effort – we have never regretted our decision. The fully automatic code generation from the model makes our life easier!“

Andreas Dubach

Head of Development Systems

soplar s.a.

„We would repeat our decision to choose Rhapsody® at any time. The strikingly improved efficiency, higher quality, and flexibility plus reusability of models make any adverse details negligible. Today we develop more machines with fewer resources in less time."

Reinhold Wüstner

Head of Product Development

Schmidhauser AG

"A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks to Rational Rhapsody® models, we can discuss new functionalities much better with our customers – even without knowledge of the code."

Peter Bode

Project Manager Mobile Drives

More Services

Expert Workshops and Trainings

Applying methodology and tools successfully correlates highly with the training the user has completed. This includes first of all goal-oriented training and Workshops in applying the appropriate methodology and using the tools. Complementary to this also guided help applying the tools in realtime, ideally integrated into the tools can achieve this. The other aspect, equally important, is the exchange of experience, as well practical know-how and lessons learned related to implementing the knowledge into everyday situations.

Systems Engineering

Products are more and more complex and interconnected. With the uprising of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the opportunities given by the digitalisation of the Product Life Cycle, aka. Digital Transformation and Digital Twin, addressing better ways is becoming ever more important.

Model Driven Development

Ever increasing user requirements and continuously evolving technologies are shaping today’s competitive environment. More and more functions must be integrated into software and microelectronics. The result is increasingly complex requirements and tasks for engineering. The efficient development of new products is the critical success factor. That’s why more and more companies are relying on Model Driven Development (MDD) and executable models.

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