IBM Rhapsody in C Essential Tool Training

8 Jun - 15 Jun 2021


On-Line Tool Training


6 days / Mo-Fr




On-Line ( 8:30 am - 12:30 pm / CET)


2.450,00 EUR / 2'950.00 CHF

Overview of this IBM Rhapsody in C Training

Within four days, participants get to know the DNA and the extensive core functions of IBM Rhapsody in C incl. UML . They will be able to develop applications quickly and effectively with Rhapsody an UML 2. The course builds-up on exercises in which executable applications are developed. This will give the participants a strong foundation in UML 2 as well as Rhapsody® and how these are applied in the context of C  and will teach them about the possibilities of Rhapsody with regard to automatic software development and generation of code and artifacts. Following is an overview of the contents of the four days.

Target audience:

  • Technical Leaders evaluating new ways of developing software
  • Software engineers and developers
  • Interested Persons in Rhapsody
  • Engineers joining Team using Rhapsody


  • Project experience with C
  • Basic know-how of UML is an advantage but not mandatory
  • Notebook with Windows 7, 8 or 10 and 3 GB of free hard disc space.
    A notebook can be rented for EUR 150.00 excl. VAT (service charge).

Content of IBM Rhapsody Training in C:

UML Introduction

  • Basics incl. UML 2

IBM Rational Rapsody®: concepts, functionality and use

  • Installing IBM Rhapsody in C
  • Exercise 1: Baseline concepts
  • Exercise 2: Behavioral Code Generation Tool Porperties of IBM Rhapsody in C
  • Exercise 3: Complex Reactive Behavior
  • Exercise 4: Structural relationship in the code Process-driven case study – a fully applicable development of an interactive model including debugging

Advanced Rhapsody® Concepts

  • Introduction to the Rhapsody® framework
  • Triggered Operations
  • More about Containers
  • Generation of reports
  • Managing interrupts
  • Introduction of API (VBA, JAVA)
  • Configuration Management with Rhapsody
  • Presentation of Test Conductor and Model Driven Testing
  • Helpful tips
  • Avoiding general stumbling blocks

Customers about our services

Hamilton Medical AG – Rhapsody

„The direct coupling of design and code with Rhapsody helps us managing the complexity of our products more easily, as design and code remain consistent in the long term.“

Andreas Anderegg

Senior Software Engineer

soplar s.a. – Training

„Starting to use Rational Rhapsody®without coaching or training is not recommended. Understanding the why behind certain processes is essential to working effectively. Training with EVOCEAN was very valuable for me in this regard."

Vitali Mozgovoi

Software Developer

Rhapsody Training Feedback

I was satisfied with everything. This was the best training I ever attended.

Large Automotive Supplier


Rhapsody Training Feedback

The trainer was very well prepared, has an excellent overview and deep knowledge about the tool and about our surrounding processes (A-Spice) and methods.

Large Automotive Supplier

Systems Engineer

Rhapsody Training Feedback

Bring this trainer for all these trainings! He is excellent in the topic, very very good and skilled trainer.

Large Automotive Supplier

Systems Engineer

Rhapsody Training Feedback

Excellent Training. The trainer highlighted the best practices, the how to's for each process area, and what is the available solution in the tool.

Large Automotive Supplier

Software Architect

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