European Rhapsody User Group Day – Zürich

30 Oct 2018


User Group Days




English, German


Giesserei, Zürich, Switzerland


280 CHF / 250 EUR

From Users for Users – Best Practice Rhapsody

Knowledge and experience exchange about successful application of IBM Rational Rhapsody are important factors to enable yourself and your team to develop software and systems successfully.

At the Rhapsody User Group Day you will have the chance to discuss your questions with other Rhapsody users. You will also benefit from the comprehensive experience and knowledge of the attending experts including attendees from Rhapsody Product Management and Rhapsody Development!

Format of day

The day is built upon an open-space format. We will have 2 Impuls presentation to start of with. The agenda is driven by the attendees such that you get answers to your questions.

Your advantage

Share knowledge and gain experience which is important to you – in the shortest time and in a compact form:

  • You determine which subjects are of interest for you and how much time you want to invest – you can leave discussion teams at any time and join another one.
  • Focused discussions and constructive results as only people will be present who are really interested – the combination of specialists and users provide for practical inputs.
  • 100% of last years attendees recommend the event to gain valuable information.

Some experts attending

  • Shy Matza, Rhapsody Development, IBM Israel
  • Andy Lapping, Senior Rhapsody Specialist IBM UK (TBC)
  • Martin Stockl, Senior Rhapsody Specialist, IBM Deutschland
  • Hartmut Wittke, Application Specialist, TestConductor, BTC Embedded Systems AG
  • Ian Macafee, Consultant – Rhapsody, Architecture and MDD, EVOCEAN
  • Bernard Rygeart, Consultant – Rhapsody and MBSE, EVOCEAN
  • Frank Braun, Trainer Rhapsody, EVOCEAN

For more Information and Registration per e-mail or fax please refer to Event Flyer.

Customers about our services

Rhapsody User Group Feedback

You can bring your problems into discussion and network. Open Space format is excellent.


Rhapsody User Group Feedback

This event was a very valuable opportunity to discuss and see Rhapsody from a users point of view.


Rhapsody User Group Feedback

Keep it like it this. Great event!


Rhapsody User Group Feedback

Very interesting event from which we gathered and took back a lot of useful practical information.


Rhapsody User Group Feedback

Very interesting to see how others solve similar problems and to share best practices.


Rhapsody User Group Feedback

Good personal talks - contacts - exchange - news.


Rhapsody User Group

Good experts present. Always interesting to meet other Rhapsody users.

Stefan Singler

Software Engineer

Rhapsody User Group Feedback

Hear and exchange success stories with Rhapsody.


Rhapsody User Group Feedback

It was my first one but definitely not my last one.

Marco Gübeli

Software Engineer

Rhapsody User Group Meeting

" My second Rhapsody User Group Meeting - very good discussions, new information and views"

Matthias Herbert

Systems Engineer

Rhapsody User Group Meeting

Getting 1st Hand discussions with lead practitioners.

Raz Yerushelmi

Rhapsody Develelopment

Rhapsody User Group Meeting

It is about sharing different experiences.

Julien Castex

Methods and Tools

Rhapsody User Group Meeting

I learned a lot and got inspirations for various topics. Thank you very much.

Pablo Kurimoto

Systems Architect

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