IBM Rhapsody for Software Engineers

18 Sep - 20 Sep 2024

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3 days


German / English


On-Line - 9 am - 5 pm - CET


2250 EUR

Overview of this IBM Rhapsody for Software Engineers Training

This intensive 3 Day Training provides a comprehensive introductions into the Rhapsody’s core capabilities for Software Developers, enabling Software Developers to rapidly adopt model driven development technics for embedded applications in the Rhapsody tool.

Target audience:

This course is applicable to all who are involved in the Specification, Analysis and/or Development of software intensive embedded systems.

  • Software Engineers
  • Software Architects
  • Project / Tecnical Leaders
  • System Designers, – Engineers


  • Project experience with C++
  • Basic know-how of UML/OO is an advantage but not mandatory
  • Notebook with Windows 8 or 10 and 3 GB of free hard disc space.

Content of Training:

The training teaches the basic principles of model-driven software development based on an exemplary use case-driven development approach including the following phases: 


  • Import and Trace Requirements
  • Requirements Diagram and Table
  • Use Case Analysis and Scenarios
  • Traceability Matrix 

Architectural Design

  • Software Architecture
  • Classes, Structure Composite
  • Object Instantiation Strategies

Behavioural Design

  • State Charts
  • Activity Diagrams


  • Code Generation
  • Use of external libraries and headers
  • Rhapsody Intelli-Visor
  • Active Code feature


  • Building executable Models
  • Rhapsody Debugging (Animation)
  • Using Panel Diagram for model interaction
  • Testing environment using Rhapsody Test-Conductor.

Advanced Rhapsody® Concepts

  • Introduction and Overview into UML and Software-Engineering Development Methods
  • Rhapsody Key Enabler / comparison of the Rhapsody editions
  • Create initial project structure using Packages / Package Diagrams
  • Rhapsody File Repository / Version Control with Rhapsody (Unit File, Rhapsody Diffmerge)
  • Reusing Model Artefacts: Add to model (Reference, Unit, Copy)
  • Use of Tables and Matrixes 
  • Model Navigation using Hyperlinks, Quick Navigation, References and Rhapsody Shortcuts
  • Interface and Interface realization
  • UML Ports (Contract, Provided and Required Interfaces Ports)
  • Active Classes / Multithreaded Application  
  • Creating Queries, Custom Views to search and filter the Model, Browser and Diagrams
  • Rhapsody customisation, Properties
  • Profiles, Stereotypes and Tags 

Your Benefit

The course is a mixture between lectures and hands-on exercises based on a ”real world” application. You will build up a strong Rhapsody foundation and learn how to optimally leverage the solution’s automation of software development and artifact generation capabilities. 

Customers about our services

soplar s.a. – Training

„Starting to use Rational Rhapsody®without coaching or training is not recommended. Understanding the why behind certain processes is essential to working effectively. Training with EVOCEAN was very valuable for me in this regard."

Vitali Mozgovoi

Software Developer

Rhapsody Training Feedback

I was satisfied with everything. This was the best training I ever attended.

Large Automotive Supplier


Rhapsody Training Feedback

The trainer was very well prepared, has an excellent overview and deep knowledge about the tool and about our surrounding processes (A-Spice) and methods.

Large Automotive Supplier

Systems Engineer

Rhapsody Training Feedback

Bring this trainer for all these trainings! He is excellent in the topic, very very good and skilled trainer.

Large Automotive Supplier

Systems Engineer

Rhapsody Training Feedback

Excellent Training. The trainer highlighted the best practices, the how to's for each process area, and what is the available solution in the tool.

Large Automotive Supplier

Software Architect


A warm praise to the very motivated trainer. The training content is conveyed in a very enjoyable and entertaining way. It was also very good to review the respective training days at the end. Frank Braun was able to answer every question and also tried, as far as time allowed, to address further topics raised.


Systems Engineer

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