Paving the Way towards the Digital Twin

Create more with less – this promise perfectly summarizes EVOCEAN’s objectives when it comes to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). MBSE as such is a well-established and valued way for organizations to enhance their engineering capabilities and efficiency. However, our ambitions are aimed at something even higher.

We wanted to improve the working processes in Systems Engineering not only by implementing a technical approach, but by evolving a method that would positively affect the entire organisation. In enhancing multi-disciplinary interactions and collaboration, it should aim to cope with the constant changes in the business environment and support the transformation towards a lean and more collaborative organization.

Have we succeeded with our intentions? We do believe so, yes. To pave the way towards the Digital Twin, we have developed Serenity over the last years. This unique framework provides a method, a tool set, guidelines, rules and principles, supporting documents and training to drive the effective operational deployment. Serenity is an intuitive and iterative, seamless development process with clear interfaces. It is scalable and customisable, which allows to have it adapted to every technical domain and organization. Further, it can be introduced incrementally, having in scope the specific customer goals and needs with the highest value for the organisation first. Serenity ultimately supports the re-use of existing technical solutions to maximise the re-use from project to project; from product to product; from system to system.

As Serenity shifts paradigms, it empowers and supports organisations to considerably advance the quality and effectiveness of their Product Development and Systems Engineering. The framework facilitates the communication all along the development process as well as between the teams involved. It further provides a sustainable frame for a path towards engineering practice improvements, sets the groundwork to benefit from the advantages of the Digital Twins and helps organisations to face the challenges of the future with more ease. Read more.

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