Embedded World 2019 – a short retrospective

After missing out last year’s Embedded World exhibition, we decided to take part again this year. During the three days in the large Hall 4 in Nürnberg, we did not see much of the glorious weather, but we did have fun.

Embedded World 2019As every time we join the exhibition, Frank also prepared this year some eye-catchers: the steamroller was clearly the winner this year and brought along many smiles from young and old, men and woman, especially when it was puffing along the gangway. Some could not believe that it did not have an electric motor…

Steam EngineWe talked about various aspects of Embedded Systems Development, Systems Engineering, Modelling with SysML and UML, Executable Modelling, Code Generation from the Model, also about Requirements Engineering & Management and Requirements Interchange with ReqIF, Traceability, Linking with OSLC, Configuration Management, Distributed Version Management, and also about Architecture, IoT and User eXperience.

We clearly noticed the confirmed trend of ever more effective collaboration needed across boundaries, which is becoming more and more important, reflecting the trend of ever more complex systems developed across various teams, time to market demands and working more agile hand in hand with suppliers and OEMs.

This year we decided to keep our stand rather sober with not too much text. We invested into a new “Led” display-wall for which we received much praise. One visitor saying – I have been to Embedded World for many years – and this is by far the most fresh and innovative Stand I have seen.” Yes! Our “Quest for Continuous Improvement” map keeps a lot of heads turning and smiling – so our posters and grip-cleaners were well received. We hope that our symbol for Conferences and Exhibitions on our map – the monastery of the wise spirits – reflected the inspirations our visitors got. And they may also remember it. Another visitor came buy and said: “I must take along one of your posters – it is hanging at one of my customers and makes me smile every time I see it”.

EVOCEAN - Quest for continuous imrovement

The exhibition, even if large, is a great occasion to discuss and feel the current trends and makes it easy to meet one’s partners.

Thank you to all who came by, who shared their challenges, who discussed their needs, who were open to new inspirations – who inspired us. You keep us moving and challenged!

We are looking forward to the follow-on talks.

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