Continuous improvement in development projects: games for behavioural change

The majority of projects possess the technological competence, resources, and intellectual capacity to succeed, yet many of these projects fail or encounter significant difficulties.

The number one cause of these difficulties is the inability of team members to work together effectively to solve critical problems. Therefore for teams to succeed the human aspects of teams must be taken into account.

The idea being that a big component of continuous improvement is about a series of behavioural modifications. We investigate the important behavioural concepts by doing a review of relevant behavioural experiments and experience.

Our workshop
Everyone involved in teamwork, who is interested in learning about the characteristics of effective teams and techniques for continuous improvement towards high quality and high efficiency development teams is invited to join our workshop at IQNITE SUISSE 2012 THE CONFERENCE FOR SOFTWARE QUALITY AND TESTING, 19 June 2012, IATA Geneva Conference Center http://www.iqnite-conferences.com/suisse/programme/programme.aspx

In the workshop we discussed:

  • Characteristics of effectively functioning team
  • Motivation, dysfunctional and functional behaviours of team members
  • Continuous improvement
  • The nature of successful collaborative interactions

Participants learned:

  • The necessary characteristics of successful teams
  • The basic principles of continuous improvement
  • A set of game based techniques for fostering successful interactions




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