Digital Twin and Systems Engineering

12 Jun 2018

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1/2 Day - 1 PM until 5 PM




@IBM in Zürich, Switzerland

Digital Transformation with Digital Twin and Model Based Systems Engineering

Product Engineering organizations are under constant pressure to deliver more functions to a larger customer base in shorter time to market. Such increase in product complexity pushes the industry to advance and adopt digital methods and processes. Digital twin is a product life-cycle framework that leverages recent advancements in product life-cycle methods and IT technology with the clear purpose to drive tangible business outcomes.

At its core is model based systems engineering alongside with advanced analytics with the premise to increase life-cycle efficiencies, agility and product quality. In this seminar we will discuss and demonstrate such concepts, in the context of use cases, value propositions, tools and processes that support your digital transformation journey.

What drives us

There is a lot of talk around the Digital Twin. The vision of having a virtual representation of one‘s product including not only the static elements but also its dynamics has a lot of appeal, especially when being able to put the twin in various contexts and to use analytics to gain insights, learn and act. As such the Digital Twin is part of the larger Digital Transformation connecting products and operations in a world of things which are becoming ever more intelligent, digital and connected.

We believe that at the heart the dynamic Model of the Product, System or Thing is core to enable and allow the promises of the Digital Twin and for it to become beneficial. The approach presented by EVOCEAN brakes with the general status quo in Systems Engineering and is based on diverse customer projects in various domains.

This Event is aimed to give you a broad (IBM) but also very focused and practical approach (EVOCEAN) based on experiences and shall also allow to discuss the different point of views in this context. We want the information to have practical relevance and to give insights and hope as such also to inspire participants to be able to discuss and act in regards to their specific context and challenges. The Event is addressed towards Development-, Product-, Technology-, Business Managers, as well Systems Engineers interested in sharing experiences and learning from others. We are looking forward to an interesting afternoon with lots of discussion.

Customers about our services

Phonak Communication AG

„Model Driven Development with Rational Rhapsody® was a critical success factor for developing inspiro within the required schedule and market needs. Thanks to EVOCEAN's support, we were able to implement the tool quickly and apply the methodology effectively."

Rainer Platz

Head of R&D

soplar s.a. – Training

„Starting to use Rational Rhapsody®without coaching or training is not recommended. Understanding the why behind certain processes is essential to working effectively. Training with EVOCEAN was very valuable for me in this regard."

Vitali Mozgovoi

Software Developer

Schindler Elevator Ltd.

„Seamless integration of the development environment is one of our critical success criteria. Model Driven Development with Rational Rhapsody®allows us to generate the code for the target platform direct from the UML model. Integrating the debugger saves us enormous amounts of time in developing complex, embedded real-time applications. Thanks to EVOCEAN's support, today we can use this tool efficiently."

Juan Carlos Abad

Project Manager

Mettler Toledo AG

„Development in the embedded area should be platform independent and the used tools should support this!“

Wolfgang Boos

Head Software Development

Mettler Toledo AG

„Now the advantages of our solid foundation work will have a large impact. A model is easy to adapt and maintain and new functions can be integrated very fast. In combination with the automatic code generation and testing we now will be strikingly faster… with a consistent high quality. Today we save time and money – not least thanks to IBM Rational Rhapsody!"

Wolfgang Boos

Head of Software

Mettler Toledo AG

„I would recommend Rhapsody anytime – by using Rhapsody I can reach a new level of programming and efficiency.“

Wolfgang Boos

Head Software Development

Schmidhauser AG

"A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks to Rational Rhapsody® models, we can discuss new functionalities much better with our customers – even without knowledge of the code."

Peter Bode

Project Manager Mobile Drives

SIX Financial Information Ltd

„The EVOCEAN continuous improvement method stabilized our processes and had a positive influence on the quality and on the satisfaction of the employees. I would recommend to use this approach at any time. Continuous improvement must become a part of everyday work."

Michael K. Steinhöfel-Cordova

Head of Quality Management

Kern AG

„Even if the change to Rhapsody required at first additional investment and effort – we have never regretted our decision. The fully automatic code generation from the model makes our life easier!“

Andreas Dubach

Head of Development Systems

Hamilton Medical AG

„Employing our platform strategy and Model Driven Development with IBM Rhapsody® enables us to bring our innovations rapidly to numerous ventilation solutions.“

Gion Durisch

Head of Software Development

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