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The best way to test ReqIF is to experience ReqEdit directly in action. For your help, the trial is completely documented. An extract is given hereafter. As such, you can do this without any further training and assistance.

Register for the Download and get a 5% Discount on your next ReqEdit Purchase by informing us with Code EVO_ReqEdit_5. The voucher is company-specific, non-transferable and non-cumulative for single use of a purchase via EVOCEAN.

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4 Simple Steps to get ReqEdit running

1. Download ReqEdit

You will get secure access to the ReqEdit file Server, as well as demo user name and demo password.

Further, You will be guided how to download the installer. The file is about 75 mb.

2. Installing ReqEdit

You will run the installer and the trial licence is activated automatically during the installation.


3. Run ReqEdit

On the next run you can use the desktop icon or start directly from the installation directory.


4. Test ReqEdit Server

You will get full access to the ReqEdit Server Documentation. And if you need help, the awesome support will gladly help you.


Let us know how it is going! We are confident you will appreciate ReqEdit for all your ReqIf tasks and will even find unforeseen opportunities – but most of all great improvements in productivity.


Customers about our services

Bernina International AG

„In earlier days, we launched one new product model every year – today several thanx to re-use, which also reduces the time needed for testing significantly."

Giovanni Annunzio

System Architect

Bernina International AG

„Die Architektur muss von Anfang an richtig aufgesetzt werden und den Voraussetzungen einer modellgetriebenen Entwicklung entsprechen. Ich empfehle jedem Unternehmen, sich Unterstützung von einem externen, erfahrenen Rhapsody Spezialisten wie beispielsweise EVOCEAN zu holen, um die Basisarchitektur gemeinsam zu modellieren.“

Giovanni Annunzio

System Architect

MCS Engineering AG

"It is very easy to set up and run a Perforce Helix Core proxy server for working with geographically dispersed teams. Downloading data is also very easy. We were amazed at how much time we saved."

Eric Gutmann

Project Leader

Schleuniger AG

„Thanks to the fully automatic code generation with Rhapsody® we could accelerate the software development.“

Thomas Nyffenegger

Team Lead Software

Bernina International AG

„For Bernina, abstraction, simulation, reuse and automatic code generation are central for a short time-to-market … and therefore the key of our success!"

Giovanni Annunzio

System Architect

Bernina International AG

„Abstraktion, Simulation, Wiederverwendung und automatische Codegenerierung sind bei Bernina zentral für eine kurze Time-to-Market… und somit der Schlüssel zum Erfolg!“

Giovanni Annunzio

System Architect

Perforce Helix Core Kunde welcher verkauft wurde an globalen Leader.

"Perforce Helix Core erfüllt unsere Erwartungen vollumfänglich. Wir haben eine Lösung aus einer Hand auf welche wir uns verlassen können."

Leiter Produktentwicklung

SIX Financial Information Ltd

„The EVOCEAN continuous improvement method stabilized our processes and had a positive influence on the quality and on the satisfaction of the employees. I would recommend to use this approach at any time. Continuous improvement must become a part of everyday work."

Michael K. Steinhöfel-Cordova

Head of Quality Management

Bernina International AG

„Dank der Modelle können wir neue Funktionen und Abhängigkeiten visualisieren. Ein Bild sagt mehr als 1‘000 Worte und die grafisch modellierte Abstraktion macht uns Entwicklern das Leben sehr viel einfacher. Gleichzeitig nimmt uns die mit dem Modell verbundene Codegenerierung einen grossen Teil der Arbeit ab!“

Giovanni Annunzio

System Architect

Rhapsody Training Feedback

I was satisfied with everything. This was the best training I ever attended.

Large Automotive Supplier


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